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My order arrived today and the voiles are lovely - thanks!!

Richard, London


    Whiteheads contemporary ready‐made curtains

    Quality curtains and blinds

Design ideas for your Net Curtains

Net Curtains / Voiles

Net Curtains and Lace are ideal for any room in the home or office. They can be used to soften the window or diffuse the light to add a calming atmosphere, or to contrast against your existing curtains. Use simple styles to complement a minimalist space, or more luxurious and sophisticated patterns to add life to a room.

Voile Curtains

Avi's Net Curtains

Voile Curtains come in a wide range of colours and designs to suit and enhance the design look you are trying to achieve. We stock a wide variety of ready made voile curtains, and made to measure net curtains. All our designs come in a large range of plain and embroidered patterns, which are also available in a range of sizes and heading options...

Voile Panels

Voile Panels come in a wide range of colours & designs to suit and enhance the design look you are trying to achieve. We stock a wide variety of ready made voile panels, voile swags and made to measure net curtains.All our designs come in a large range of plain and embroidered patterns, which are also available in a range of sizes and heading options.

[For a quick overview of our Voile Panel Collection - Take a look at our Facebook Voile Panel Photo Album] .

Café Nets

Our beautiful range of Cafe nets covers a variety of styles to suit a wide range of tastes.Whatever your window size we can supply ready made or alter to your desired drop. We stock coloured designs as well as plain white and cream Cafe nets. They can be hung either as one or hung one above another with a small gap between to create an individual effect.


These curtains look very attractive in any window, whilst still allowing some privacy and light to come in. Jardinieres are very similar to Net Curtains, in terms of their purpose . The obvious difference between them is that Jardinieres are shaped which many people may prefer. Jadinieres generally come in four different widths with several drops to choose from, they are all pre-packaged and are ready to hang. We offer an alteration service so no need to worry if the standard size dosen't fit we will alter the drop to your exact requirements.

Most rooms will benefit from some sort of curtain design at the windows to provide softness and decoration. If you're looking for a simpler modern style then you may decide to leave your window as it is, but even then the window may be enhanced by a Voile , voile panels or net curtains.

What sort of finish do you want?

Simple or elaborate? Note that modern designs and finishes tend to be simple (for example, a slotted top fairly plain voile or net), while traditional jacquards give a more elaborate look. (Remember to choose a design which is keeping with your room style). So if you have a Victorian house, then you'll be safe if you base your window designs on Victorian ideas. Traditional heavy jacquard nets with an allover floral design could be  used to bring that victorian feel back to a room.

If your room is contemporary (such as minimalist) then a plain track can be used, or a metal pole (brushed steel or aluminum is common) with matching finials .Use a sheer light weight lead based plain voile with a three inch heading tape to give a simple  yet effective look.


Where on earth do we begin?

How does one get inspired when it comes to choosing the right curtains for the right window? We at know only too well how difficult it is to get started! The most common question customers have is "Where do I begin ?" .With so many different options and curtain ideas to choose from, you're bound to get a bit confused at first glance. Perhaps the biggest source of frustration comes from the huge number of different net curtains, voile curtains ready-made curtains and made to measure curtains, another factor being cost, curtains in particular can become exceedingly expensive depending on the material you choose and on the size of the windows you're looking to cover.   Making the wrong choice means that you will be forced to look at something less than desirable, perhaps for years to come, and since curtains cost so much, fixing your mistakes will be very costly.

As  a retailer of  nets,voiles,ready-made and made to measure curtains you might think that  my initial thought would be "Well start with the curtains and the rest will follow" however over many years the majority of customers when re-decorating have already painted , wallpapered ,laid carpets or flooring and have already bought the sofa.
So I guess one of the hardest choices is going to be "What curtains?" . The advise I would always give is try not to let the component parts of the room compete with each other!

If simply decorated  with blank canvas colours i.e. creams, magnolias or light variations then one can definitley be bold with curtain choice. Ask your retailer for samples and live with them for a couple of days. If going for bolder colours think about ordering some cushions for your sofa in the same fabric to contrast . Never try to overpower! Take a look at our readymade and customised curtains on the front page of .

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